Financial and Form 990 Information

Financial Information

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, CHA files two federal returns — the Form 990 and the Form 990T. The Form 990 provides information on CHA's financial results and status, mission, governance, and detail of our program service accomplishments. Also included are summary of direct and grassroots lobbying expenditures and certain salary and benefit disclosures. Detail of the components of the salary and benefits disclosures are provided in a footnote below.

The Form 990T is a companion return to the Form 990 detailing CHA's Business Income activities.

Three Fiscal Years – June 30, 2022, 2021, and 2020 are disclosed on this page.

If you have any questions about this financial and tax information, please contact Brian Reardon, VP of Communications and Marketing at [email protected] or 314-427-2500.

Detail of Salary and Benefit Disclosures - (As reported on Schedule J of the Form 990)

Schedule J provides detailed compensation information for certain employees. Specifically, members of the President's Advisory Council are listed as "key employees" if their compensation exceeds $150,000. In addition, the top five highly compensated employees, excluding key employees, are also listed, provided that their compensation also exceeds $150,000.

The descriptions below provide an overview of the composition of the four compensation columns (B, C, D, and E). Note that for members of religious orders, all amounts in column B, except for certain fringe benefits included in column (B)(iii), were paid to their respective religious orders.

Column B(i) - Employees' base salary, including any adjustments during the year.

Column B(ii) - Payments awarded under the non-executive performance management program or the executive incentive compensation program.

Column B(iii) – Payments in cash in lieu of contributions to the defined contribution pension plan for compensation that exceeds the federal compensation limit for calculating and making pension plan contributions; payments in cash in lieu of contributions to CHA's defined contribution pension plan for those not eligible to participate in the plan due to their membership in a religious order; and other applicable taxable fringe benefits.

Column C - Contributions made by CHA into the Association's defined contribution pension plan.

Column D - Premiums paid for health, vision, dental, disability, life and accidental death insurance, less the employees' contribution to the health, vision and dental premiums and less the taxable portion, if any, of life insurance premiums included in column (B)(iii).

Column E- Sum of columns (B)(i), (B)(ii), (B)(iii), (C), and (D).