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Online clinical education around human trafficking - Addressing Human Trafficking in the Health Care Setting

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  • A new educational video describing the worldwide scope of human trafficking has been produced by the CHI Advocacy Group, along with the Violence Prevention Oversight Committee, as part of CHI's commitment to violence prevention. The 10-minute video is designed to raise awareness of a grim reality that affects millions of people. It is introduced by Colleen Scanlon, CHI senior vice president and Chief advocacy officer, and features two leading international experts in human trafficking — Roy Ahn, research director for the Human Trafficking Initiative at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston; and Wendy Macias Konstantopoulos, medical director of the Human Trafficking Initiative. This issue is particularly significant to the health care industry: experts estimate that about half of all human trafficking victims will be seen at some point in health care settings. Worldwide, as many as 21 million people are trapped into forced labor, many in our own communities.

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Dignity Health Foundation - Human Trafficking Initiative video
The Dignity Health Foundation is working with Dignity Health on a system-wide initiative to identify victims of human trafficking. This video profiles one victim's situation from struggle to hope and the role she now plays on a national level in combating human trafficking.

Dignity Health's Human Trafficking Response (HTR) Program — Shared Learnings Manual. This manual shares the HTR Program learnings with Dignity Health associates and with other health care systems seeking to implement a similar program.


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