Global Peace

Blessing for the Spirit of Peace

Oct 16, 2023, 18:01 PM
May the Spirit of Silence open our hearts to Gods transforming love;
May the Spirit of Compassion help us to feel for the sufferings of others; 
May the Spirit of Love melt the cold hearts of those who trample on human rights;
May the Spirit of Beauty teach us to treasure Mother Earth;
May the Spirit of Wisdom help us to learn from spiritual teachers of every faith;
May the Spirit of Patience and Endurance strengthen the oppressed and those who are
exiled from their homes;
May the Spirit of Courage strengthen those who speak for those whose voice is never
May the Spirit of Non-violence bring healing, peace and justice to those who live in
countries torn apart by conflict;
May the Spirit of Unity help us to welcome people of every country and creed as
brothers and sisters.

By The Reverend Dr. Marcus Braybrooke 

Prayer type :
  • Global Peace
  • Social Justice
Blessing of the Spirit of Peace
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