CHA is often asked if it has orientation resources members and others can access to help develop those persons who participate in or lead international health activities. While there can be no "one size fits all" toolkit, CHA is pleased to offer several options to help.



A four-module, online orientation program for those participating in a short-term international medical mission trip. Utilizing videos, narrative, articles and much more, this orientation is designed to prepare someone to competently and humbly participate in a short-term medical mission to a low- or middle-income country. With three modules in preparation for a trip and then the fourth to be accessed upon the participants' return, it is a one-stop resource available 24/7.

Access the online modules now

CHA is pleased to offer a compilation of additional resources by topic for the orientation of persons who participate in, lead or support international work. These offerings should be relevant for persons who support the work of a medical surplus recovery program, participate in international mission programs not sponsored by your organization as well as those who respond to disasters. We recommend the online orientation module for those participating in short-term medical mission trips. The resources can be used for in-person or group orientations and/or shared electronically so that those who participate can orient themselves individually. The resources are offered under the following topics:

CHA hopes that you will provide us with copies of your orientation resources so that we can add them to these listings. To share resources, or to recommend external sites we can link to, please contact Bruce Compton, CHA senior director, Global Health.