Seven Elements of a Climate-Friendly Hospital

  1. Energy Efficiency
    Reduce hospital energy consumption and costs through efficiency and conservation measures.
  2. Green Building Design
    Build hospitals that are responsive to local climate conditions and optimized for reduced energy and resource demands.
  3. Alternative Energy Generation
    Produce and/or consume clean, renewable energy onsite to ensure reliable and resilient operation.
  4. Transportation
    Use alternative fuels for hospital vehicle fleets; encourage walking and cycling to the facility; promote staff, patient and community use of public transport; site health-care buildings to minimize the need for staff and patient transportation.
  5. Food
    Provide sustainably grown local food for staff and patients.
  6. Waste
    Reduce, re-use, recycle, compost; employ alternatives to waste incineration.
  7. Water
    Conserve water; avoid bottled water when safe alternatives exist.

Healthy Hospitals — Healthy Planet — Healthy People

Addressing climate change in health care settings
A discussion draft paper published by the World Health Organization and Health Care Without Harm