Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A-Z Guide to Reduce Your Organization's Carbon Footprint!

  • Advocate for public policies and private action to stem climate change
  • Build with climate change in mind
  • Compost and car pool
  • Develop policies related to reducing energy use and emissions
  • Earn ENERGY STAR from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for your hospital by helping make it the most energy efficient in the nation 
  • Flextime: consider whether it would save energy in your organization
  • Get information about what your employees and staff are already doing
  • Hire people who are passionate about environmental responsibility
  • Install solar panels
  • Join Energy Star, Healthcare Without Harm and Practice GreenHealth
  • Keep track of climate change efforts in your system
  • Local purchasing!
  • Make climate change an agenda item for system meetings
  • Never (or almost never) print emails
  • Offer expertise in your organization to others
  • Pray for our earth and the people who are harmed by climate change
  • Quantify your carbon footprint
  • Reward good ideas about saving energy
  • Switch to low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators 
  • Turn off the lights and computers
  • Understand why this is a matter of faith
  • Visit a facility with a good energy/emission reduction program
  • Work with others in your community who care about climate change
  • X, Y and Z — eXpect push-back, but keep going!, recYcle and work toward Zero emissions by 2030