May 1993
Volume 74, Number 4

At Sacred Heart Health System, Eugene, OR, participants work together to improve access to care and to design cost-saving incentives.

"Clinical Context"–the third in a series of excerpts of a Catholic Health Association document on euthanasia–explores how good palliative care eases the dying process.

The Safe Medical Devices Act's reporting and tracking requirements raise concerns about record keeping, the act's scope, and potential liability.

As healthcare delivery changes, pastoral care departments must adopt alternative approaches to staffing.

Long-term care providers can plan for and document community services with the help of a book from the Catholic Health Association and the American Association of Homes for the Aging.

Respondents to a Catholic Health Association survey are grappling with five broad issues: changes in leadership, system affiliation, ethics, community services, and AIDS.

A retirement community annex that provides supportive services advances the cause of aging with dignity.

An assessment tool helps a nursing home meet residents' spiritual needs.

A one-year project identifies effective interventions to improve congregate housing residents' medication knowledge, cognitive functioins, and social interactions.