Additional Readings in Long-Term Care

May 1993

The following articles were published in Health Progress in the past several years. Refer to the annual indexes in each volume for more complete listings of articles on long-term care, as well as other issues of concern to those who serve the elderly.

Anker, Lynne; Rose, Robert; and Watson, Ronald F., "Filling the Gaps," June 1992, pp. 47-51. Describes the Sisters of Charity Health Care Systems' two models of care management: community outreach and inpatient care.

Burns, Sr. Sharon, RSM, "The Spirituality of Dying," September 1991, pp. 48-52. Illustrates how pastoral care's holistic approach is crucial in hospice.

Crowley, Sr. Margaret, RSM, "Living Longer and Better Than Expected," December 1992, pp. 38-41. Describes how a wellness-based model keeps residents at a continuing care retirement community active, healthy, and out of nursing homes.

Forschner, Brian E., "A Sense of Community," June 1992, pp. 34-37, 57. Shows how senior living centers can build a true community by allowing for mission, mutuality, and myth.

Gorshe, Nancy, "An Effective, Efficient Elder Care Program," April 1993, pp. 57-59. Profiles an integrated delivery network that offers a continuum of care for the frail elderly.

Grimaldi, Paul L., "New Survey Process Expands Sanctions," November 1992, pp. 52-55. Outlines HCFA's proposal for more enforcement remedies and broader disclosure requirements for nursing facilities regarding their compliance with federal regulations.

Hayes, Kathy, and Baginski, Yvonne, "Bringing Home Mental Healthcare," January-February 1992, pp. 66-68. Tells how in-home peer counseling benefits the elderly.

Hey, Michelle, "Strategic Planning for Long-Term Care Providers," January-February 1992, pp. 18-21. Details the steps for developing strategic and marketing plans.

Hooyman, "Easing the Strain," December 1991, pp. 54-58. Explains how physicians and long-term care facilities can work together to improve patient care.

Hume, Susan K., "HMOs' Continuum of Care," June 1992, pp. 52-54, 59. Shows how two HMOs and one social HMO target their services to meet the needs of the elderly.

Johnson, Sandra H., "Nursing Home Restraints: The Legal Issues," September 1991, pp. 18-19, 23. Describes the reasons for and impact of changes in the regulations governing physical restraints.

Kondis, Charles L., "Healing and Hope," November 1990, pp. 42-45, 59. Outlines the multiservice rehabilitation program at Mercy Medical, Daphne, AL.

"Pain Management," January-February 1993, pp. 30-39. Clarifies theological and ethical considerations, while respecting clinical realities, of pain relief for dying patients. (Available as a reprint.)

Pember, Carleton H., III, and Fonner, Edwin, Jr., "Prevailing Issues in Long-Term Care," June 1992, pp. 38-42. Summarizes CHA survey findings that CEOs see an urgent need for more adequate funding and better communication among Catholic organizations.

Rheinecker, Phil, "Empowering the Frail Elderly," January-February 1993, pp. 23-27. Looks at how assisted living projects and care management in Europe and the United States give the elderly more autonomy.

Smith, Marianne, and Buckwalter, Kathleen C., "Mental Healthcare for Rural Seniors," March 1993, pp. 52-56. Describes an integrated approach to break down barriers to care.

Weiss, Rhoda, "Seniors Programs Help Preserve Dignity and Quality of Life," June 1992, pp. 60-61, 66. Focuses on intergenerational, volunteer, and educational programs for seniors at three Catholic organizations.

Westhoff, Lola J., "Care Management: Quelling the Confusion," June 1992, pp. 43-46, 58. Tells how care managers help clients access resources appropriate to their needs.


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Additional Readings in Long-Term Care

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