Tuesday, June 7
9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

Innovation Forum C



A Structured Accountability from C-Suite to Bedside Produces Results

A Reliable Care Accountability Matrix (RCAM) program with measurable outcomes was developed to engage and inspire associates across the Bon Secours Health System to deliver consistently high standards of care in a safer environment, improve outcomes and lower cost. The matrix was developed with input from the board of trustees, executive leaders, direct care providers, and patients. The highly focused execution performance standards were selected to have meaning at each level and for each role of the organization including finance, clinical and local system board members – from the c-suite to the bedside. This session will address how the program produced measurable improvements and has led to requests for additional systemwide standards and external auditing to drive improvement.

Marlon L. Priest, MD
Executive Vice President/CMO
Bon Secours Health System, Inc.
Marriottsville, Md.

Anna Grant, MSHA
Director, Clinical Integration and Chief of Staff
Bon Secours Health System, Inc.
Marriottsville, Md.



Reigniting Pride in Mission through Dialogue and Deep Listening

How do we truly know that mission and values are being lived and engaged, not just in work, but in presence and service? This is a question that Catholic health care ministry leaders should be asking and listening deeply to the responses. Engaging the workforce requires transforming traditional approaches to mission and values review processes through inquiry, deep listening, large group engagement and feedback loops that ensure improvement in organizational learning and application. Participants of this session will learn practices for engaging the workforce by linking their work to mission integration and organizational strategies. This fresh and innovative approach will be shared with specific learnings from its implementation within PeaceHealth, along with an opportunity to role-play specific leadership practices for success.

Rachel Lucy
Director, Learning and Development
Vancouver, Wash.

Sr. Kathleen L. Pruitt, CSJP
Sponsor and Board Member
Vancouver, Wash.



Beyond the Community Health Needs Assessment: Community Collaboration for Implementation

As new regulations expand the role of hospitals in managing population health, these organizations can play a collaborative role in their communities moving beyond the community health needs assessment (CHNA) into implementation. This session explores the case of Baton Rouge, where all five of the competing acute care facilities came together to collaborate on a joint CHNA and a single community implementation plan. Moving from identifying community needs to acting on them takes a coordinated approach and a functioning multisector coalition. Presenters of this session will identify the key learnings and challenges, plus help create a roadmap for attendees to take a similar approach in developing multistakeholder implementation strategies in their own communities.

Coletta C. Barrett, RN
Vice President, Mission
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Baton Rouge, La.

Andy Allen
Community Outreach
Office of the Mayor – President East Baton Rouge Parish



Behavioral Health Integration into Primary Care for Vulnerable Populations

Mercy Care is a safety-net provider addressing some of the most vulnerable populations. Limited access to behavioral health services has resulted in significant negative health outcomes. Through participation in a pilot program and researching best practices, Mercy Care has successfully integrated behavioral health into multiple primary care centers, resulting in a more efficient and effective care model than the traditional behavioral health outpatient model. This presentation will focus on behavioral health integration including: assessing organizational readiness; development of primary care staff's role in treating mental illness; role of psychiatrist; development of algorithms and implementing evidenced-based practices; potential funding sources; and integration of spiritual health with a focus on a Catholic model of chaplains.

Anitra Walker
Director of Behavioral Health and Social Services
Mercy Care

Liz Frye
Director of Psychiatry and Street Medicine
Mercy Care