Join us for the 2017 Catholic Health Assembly, June 11-13 in New Orleans!

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Fr. Boyle challenges care providers to 'be in kinship' with care recipients
The founder of the world's largest gang intervention program told assembly attendees Tuesday, June 7, that the "only praise I think God has any interest in, is 'that you may be one.' That we inch our way to the margins to enter into relationship with others..."

CHA promotes health care for all, advocates for the poor and vulnerable
In remarks on the closing day of the Catholic Health Assembly here, CHA's president and chief executive officer acknowledged the challenges facing the ministry and the country and affirmed that CHA will "continue to work to preserve our ability to deliver the quality health care..."

Providence program offering respite for the homeless earns CHA's highest honor
The Transitional Respite Care for the Homeless Program of Providence Health Care helps extremely vulnerable patients to prevent complications of illness and injury by giving them a warm and safe place to rest and recover...


Sr. Barbara Moore, CSJ, shepherded historic change in society, ministry sponsorship
Sr. Barbara Moore, CSJ, is a trailblazer. The first African-American woman to join the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, she participated in the historic voting rights march in Selma, Ala. She began her health care career as...

Crumley nurtures a culture where deaf seniors feel at home
There are people who are effective and efficient. There are people who have great interpersonal skills and are fun to work with. There are people who meet challenges with creativity. And then there's Molly Crumley, the recipient...

Rosann Prosser

Presence Health program uses staff, volunteer visits to support elders aging in place
A program from Chicago's Presence Health enables homebound elderly people to remain in their homes even as their health is declining...

Society should rethink how it views aging, says longevity expert
Significantly more people are living into old age today than at any other time in human history. This dramatic demographic shift is having a transformational impact on societal norms, retirement planning, allocation of...

Steven Woolf, MD, MPH

Think "upstream" to improve health in the United States
Dr. Steven Woolf, a family medicine physician and epidemiologist trained in public health, encouraged attendees at the 2016 Catholic Health Assembly to explore how support of education, opportunities for income ...

Jonathan P. Timmis

Involve facility-level experts in merger talks early, advise CHI experts
In completing a merger or acquisition, some organizations focus so heavily on the legal aspects of the transaction that they fail to involve in the planning the people who will implement the deal at the local level ...

Providence incents employees to make end-of-life care plans
Executives from Providence Health & Services said that the Renton, Wash.-based Catholic health system's recent initiative to encourage all its employees to draft their own advanced care directives was intended to ...

Ascension moves to provide patients greater pricing transparency
Patients want predictive pricing — or the ability to understand with some degree of certainty what it will cost to receive services before they actually do ...

CHA honors 10 young leaders with a passion to serve in the ministry
CHA celebrated young executives making a significant contribution to the Catholic health ministry by awarding its "Tomorrow's Leaders" recognition to 10 up and coming men and women ...

Kathleeen Norris

Author Kathleen Norris opens 2016 Catholic Health Assembly
Best-selling author and acclaimed poet Kathleen Norris was the opening keynote speaker at the Catholic Health Assembly on Sunday afternoon, June 5. Norris, a Benedictine oblate for 30 years, is known for such...

Sr. Judith Karam

Catholic Health Assembly opens with call to heal wounds, spread love through "The Culture of Encounter"
One of the images that Pope Francis uses when speaking of the modern Church is that of a field hospital: a high stakes, responsive setting where agile caregivers tend to the immediate needs of the wounded. CHA's 2015-16 Board...

Bob Henkel

Catholic health ministry serves with mercy and compassion
At two small, rural health clinics, a story is told that I believe is a wonderful metaphor for Catholic health care in the United States. In southeastern Arkansas, with the opening of St. Elizabeth's Health Center in Gould in 1990 and...

Sr. Judith Ann Karam

Looking to the future with fidelity to mission
This time last year at the 2015 Catholic Health Assembly, we marked a rare achievement for any organization — CHA celebrated its first hundred years. I thought of the poet's blissful words when I sat down to reflect on the first year of CHA's second century. In June 2015, the heavens felt...


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