Sunday, June 5
3:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Innovation Forum A



Beyond Cybersecurity

Health care providers have a fundamental obligation to protect confidential patient information. To survive and attempt to prevent cyber-attacks that put patient medical data and other information assets at risk, health care organizations must build effective cybersecurity into their processes. The presenter is a co-author of the book Beyond Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Digital Business and the leader of McKinsey's capabilities in global information technology and cybersecurity. In this session, he will offer vital information on how to incorporate cybersecurity into decision-making, explain what frontline associates can do to protect information assets, and describe how to create defenses to respond to emerging threats.

James Kaplan
McKinsey & Company
New York



Partnership Integration in a Catholic Health Care Ministry

There is currently a flurry of consolidation involving hospitals, physician groups, payors and other providers across the country. Signing the actual agreement, although exciting, is only the tip of the iceberg in a partnership. The new partner must be effectively integrated culturally, strategically and operationally into its new Catholic ministry. If done at the right pace, with the right focus and methodology, both organizations will achieve significant value from their new relationship. This session will explore an integration framework and playbook that, refined over time, has a proven track record of success. With mission/vision/values as the foundational partnership element, presenters will share a framework that moves through those critical "top-down" areas of integration, including governance, leadership, strategic direction and operational planning.

Peter D. Banko
President and Chief Operating Officer
Centura Health
Englewood, Colo.

Jonathan Timmis
System Vice President, Strategy Integration and Operations
Catholic Health Initiatives
Englewood, Colo.



Engaging Your Workforce in Advance Care Planning

Caregivers who serve patients and their families are often confronted with difficult and emotionally charged conversations on the topic of end-of-life care. However, these caregivers are often the last to have shared and documented their own wishes, making it difficult to offer insight to patients on how to proceed. In 2015, Providence Health & Services successfully introduced a health incentive activity to motivate caregivers with reduced health benefits costs to complete an advance care planning activity. Of the more than 55,000 caregivers and their spouses who completed a health incentive, 93 percent chose to do the advance-care planning activity. This session will share how the system partnered with practitioners across the organization and one of the nation's foremost experts in palliative care to increase awareness about this important topic. Presenters will discuss a multidisciplinary approach, starting with caregivers, to increase the level of comfort and skill in discussing end-of-life care with patients.

Ira Byock, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Providence Institute for Human Caring
Providence Health & Services
Renton, Wash.

Keegan Fisher
Senior Director, Benefits
Providence Health & Services
Renton, Wash.



Nourishing the Core: Formation Programs for Front-Line Associates

Executive leadership formation programs are intended to infuse the identity and culture of the organization, using the influence of top leaders. However, cascading the formation message through the organization can sometimes result in the content being diluted by the time it reaches front-line associates. This session will focus on how leaders can increase the effectiveness of existing executive leadership formation programs by working with staff closest to the patient. This session will help leaders consider the starting points for creating and implementing a formation program for front-line staff. Attendees will learn about a model that couples executive leadership formation with front-line staff formation programs to package a common language and experience from both angles that can be communicated throughout the organization. The presenter will share starting points and lessons learned thus far, as well engage the audience regarding their current executive formation programs to consider possibilities for addressing front-line staff through new formation programs in their own organizations.

Jenna L. Herron
Regional Vice President, Mission Integration
St. Francis Health
Topeka, Kan.



A Journey toward Health Care Consumer Pricing Transparency

Predictable pricing is the retail-focused element of pricing transparency. As consumers and providers become more cognizant of the cost of health care – specifically, the impact of these costs on their own pocketbook – they will become more involved in researching service and financing options. Undoubtedly, the rate of adoption by consumers and consumer groups for a predictable pricing program will vary by market. Similarly, the ability of health ministries and other providers to implement this type of price transparency will depend on local pace of change, competition and health care cost position. This session will share lessons learned by Ascension in its efforts to provide greater pricing transparency in its markets. Presenters will discuss a pilot predictable pricing product that allows consumers to "shop, book and pay" through a personalized e-commerce and mobile solution. Based on the outcome of the pilot, an Ascension system initiative was launched to develop a national pricing strategy that is consistent, agile and responsive to key market differentiators. The session will outline the carefully designed plan, currently in process, to measure cost basis, pace of change and competitive environment relative to pricing transparency in each ministry market to determine market readiness, competition for retail services and variations in cost structure.

Tracy A. Rogers
Chief Operating Officer
Ascension Wisconsin

Kimberly A. Hodgkinson
Chief Financial Officer, Jacksonville Ministry Market
St. Vincent's HealthCare
Jacksonville, Fla.