Call for Presentation Guidelines

The Call for 2016 Assembly Presentations is now closed. For speakers selected to present at the 2016 Assembly, please refer to the following guidelines as you finalize your presentation.

2016 Assembly:
The annual Catholic Health Assembly is the premier gathering of leaders from across the Catholic health ministry in the United States and beyond. The 2016 Assembly, themed "The Culture of Encounter," will take place in Orlando, Fla., June 5-7, 2016, and provide a venue for ministry organizations to showcase new, creative responses to community needs — solutions that illustrate how ministry organizations successfully manage business while always staying faithful to Gospel values and Catholic tradition — thereby inspiring replication elsewhere across the ministry.

The assembly attracts an audience of senior leaders/decision-makers (executives, trustees, sponsors, clinicians, senior managers and others) from Catholic health care systems and facilities across the continuum of care (such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, community outreach programs), as well as sponsors of ministry organizations.

The assembly is a significant developmental event for this audience, providing opportunities for learning from one another and reflecting together on the identity and mission, as well as operations, of the ministry. Assembly sessions are designed to provide attendees with practical knowledge and cutting-edge strategies that demonstrate measurable results. Session formats enable participants to share their own experiences, as well as learn from their peers.

Each session will be 60 minutes in length. No more than two (2) presenters will be allowed in each session. CHA will provide complimentary registration for the 2016 Assembly for up to two (2) speakers. Additionally, CHA will reimburse one (1) session presenter for round-trip, economy-class travel to the assembly and one-night lodging at the assembly hotel (or comparable substitute).

Instructional Methods:
Assembly sessions are meant to engage attendees in interactive learning. Preference is given to sessions designed to provide maximum participation and dialogue.

Session Handouts:
Handouts are strongly recommended. Handouts must be submitted in electronic format (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Acrobat files). CHA plans to make handouts available to assembly registrants through its website and on a conference mobile app.

Disclosures and Permissions:
Speakers selected to present at the Catholic Health Assembly are required to sign release forms.

Audiovisual Support:
For sessions selected for the Catholic Health Assembly, CHA typically provides a digital projector with a remote control, screen, computer, microphones and amplification; however, A/V set-up may vary, depending on room layout and/or presentation requirements. In keeping with an adult learning environment that stimulates audience interaction, it is recommended that your slide deck be limited to no more than 25 slides.

CHA reserves the right to make adjustments to any session.

Kim Hewitt; (314) 253-3421