Sponsorship Overview

Sponsorship of a health care ministry is a formal relationship between an authorized Catholic organization and a legally formed system, hospital, clinic, nursing home (or other institution) entered into for the sake of promoting and sustaining Christ's health ministry to people in need.

Sponsorship of Catholic health care involves promoting and assuring Jesus' healing mission. Those who sponsor are responsible for the continued viability of the health care ministry, promoting its ongoing mission, and animating its life. Sponsors act publicly on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church and have been entrusted to serve the church by guiding and overseeing a specific institutional ministry in a formal and public way.

CHA's Sponsor Services Department provides numerous programs, services and resources to help sponsors of Catholic health care live out and better understand their roles. For more information about CHA Sponsor Services, contact Sr. Kelly Connors, pm, JCD, Ph.D., senior director, sponsor services, at (314) 253-3411.

CoreCompetenciesOfSponsorNEW! Core Competencies of Sponsor

“Core Competencies of Sponsor” is a new sponsor resource from the Catholic Health Association to guide and inspire Members of Public Juridic Persons in their canonical responsibility for the health ministry of the Catholic Church.

CHA engaged Members and leaders of sponsored ministries to help develop core competencies to ensure the growth and vitality of the church’s health ministry now and in the future. The publication contains eight core competencies and supporting abilities for each competency.
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CHA Sponsor Formation Program for Catholic Health Care

The new program for CHA members will prepare individuals to serve as current or prospective members of Juridic Persons to carry out the health ministry of the Catholic Church.

The in-depth formation program will incorporate group interaction, personal reflection and presentations about key dimensions of sponsorship including theology, ethics, canon law, Catholic social tradition, discernment and spiritual growth.

The program takes place over 18 months in four weekend sessions from Oct. 2015 to March 2017. Participants are selected and endorsed by a sponsoring organization that is a member of CHA. Enrollment is limited.

For more information, contact Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, CHA vice president, mission services, mhaddad@chausa.org, (314) 253-3422.

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Upcoming Events

In-Person  08/08/17  Pre-LCWR Assembly Sponsorship Conference (Invitation Only) 

Caritas in Communion: Theological Foundations of Catholic Health Care


International Outreach Video Presentations

Two video resources to help your organization consider its international outreach activities, with specific attention to:

  • Being neighbor – particularly now when scarce resources and unending need make reality very unlike that of the Good Samaritan. Presented by Ron Hamel, Ph.D., CHA senior ethicist.
  • How the call to this work is part of a tradition—a tradition that includes the need for cultural competence. Presented by Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, CHA vice president, mission services.

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