March-April 2005
Volume 86, Number 2

Homes play an important role in forming and influencing people's lives

Mercy Housing's leaders believe that good health requires high-quality, affordable housing.

Despite federal budget cuts, Catholic organizations can still help provide.

A Cincinnati-based Health Care System Develops Housing for the Low-Income Elderly

A New York City System Provides Special Housing for Patients with Mental Illness or HIV/AIDS

Catholic Health Care and Social Service Organizations Teamed Up to Construct Housing for Seniors

A Catholic System Works with Others to Provide Homes for Very Low-Income People

A Catholic Health Care System Partners with Mercy Housing to Improve Life in Southeast Georgia

A Detroit Health Care System Makes Senior Housing the Core of a Renewed Community

"Catholic Healthscan 2004" Reveals the Views of 175 Ministry Leaders

Trinity Health's Public Juridic Person Develops a Formation Program for Prospective Members