July-August 1993
Volume 74, Number 6

Through integrated delivery networks, organizations can continue their ministry and extend its reach.

A system board moves the organization from a competitive model to one that is mission driven.

Dedicating a facility to ambulatory and long-term care completes the continuum for a New Jersey system.

Canada's and Germany's approaches to healthcare delivery--with universal access and lower costs than in the United States--provide lessons that can guide U.S. reform.

Most conscience clauses — laws protecting healthcare providers' right to refuse to provide procedures to which they have moral objections--are deficient, and many have been met with hostile judicial interpretations.

The 78th Annual Catholic Health Assembly in New Orleans drew 1,300 providers and sponsors, who discussed the operational opportunities ahead, innovative care approaches, and strategies for maintaining their Catholic identity and values under a reformed system.

A list of recent Health Progress articles on systemic healthcare reform.