CHA launches ad campaign to tell story of Catholic health care

May 2024
The website for the When Healthcare Really Cares campaign is


The Catholic Health Association has launched a digital media ad campaign that aims to introduce Catholic health care and communicate its unique value to patients and the community.

The campaign,  When Healthcare Really Cares, is framed around three messaging pillars: whole person, community, and access, and aims to tell the national story of Catholic health care. Its tagline is “We care. You flourish.”

"Our members do an amazing job telling the story of Catholic health care in their local communities,” said Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, president and CEO of CHA. “At a national level, the narrative around our ministry too often is misrepresented or tied to hot-button issues. This campaign is designed to provide examples of how our mission and commitment to human dignity and the common good are reflected in the care we provide."

While the campaign's social media posts will be shared nationally, paid ads will initially be directed toward a general population with Catholic health systems in Oklahoma City, Milwaukee and Philadelphia. The campaign later will move to St. Louis; Portland, Oregon; and Detroit. In addition, outdoor digital ads will appear in Washington.

"We are using paid digital ads to amplify the stories that our members share with CHA through our publications and other programming,” said Brian Reardon, CHA's vice president of communications and marketing. “This campaign will also support the advocacy work of CHA and provide examples of what it means to embrace bold change to elevate human flourishing, which is what our vision statement calls us to do."

The campaign, developed by St. Louis-based marketing services firm Brado, shows Catholic health care is trusting, accessible and accomplished. The campaign is meant to create and build respect for Catholic health care in the face of ongoing misunderstandings and criticisms. 

Its ads include messages like, "When healthcare really cares, mental health is just as important as physical health." Other ads will say "When healthcare really cares, zip codes don’t define treatment" or "When healthcare really cares, insurance companies don’t play doctor."

Other messages revolve around preventive care, neighborhood health, health beyond the exam room, treating patients with respect, seeking out the vulnerable to meet their needs, and treating anyone regardless of ability to pay.

Ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram, iHeart Radio and YouTube, at bus stops, and on streaming television platforms. CHA members will have the opportunity to leverage the campaign with their own brand identity.

In November, CHA and its partners in the Alliance for Access to Care launched the Healthcare Here media campaign, which calls out commercial insurance companies that are posting record profits while making it hard for people to get care.

The website for the When Healthcare Really Cares campaign is


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