CHA expands job board, makes access easier

May 15, 2021

CHA has revamped its online job board in hopes of making the site the go-to location for openings across the Catholic health ministry.

Nate Hibner 150

The CHA Career Center allows employers to post descriptions about open positions directly to the site, something that previously had been done only by CHA staff. Any position within a health care system can be posted.

The board also lets job seekers search for openings in specific fields or job categories and apply for positions. In addition, they can upload their own profiles and resumes for prospective employers to review.

The postings are free for CHA members and for job seekers. Employers who are not CHA members can pay a fee to post jobs.

"It is kind of a win-win for both sides of the job equation," says Nathaniel Blanton Hibner, CHA's director of ethics.

Hibner says the expanded job board is part of CHA's Faithfully Forward initiative, a comprehensive three-year plan aimed at addressing shortages of qualified candidates to fill mission, ethics and pastoral care positions.

Just as Catholic health systems have challenges finding qualified candidates for openings in these areas, Hibner says those candidates have challenges just finding postings for the open slots. He says the postings can get lost in the mix of health care openings on job boards because keywords like "mission" and "ethics" tend to be part of the descriptions for many jobs.

"I realized this seems like something that maybe we could help with," Hibner says.

On the new CHA job board "mission," "ethics" and "spiritual care" are categories on their own and easily searchable. In addition to permanent positions, employers can post internships.

Hibner notes that many people either working in the mission, ethics and spiritual care fields for Catholic health care or wanting to work in those fields already are regular visitors to CHA's website because of the resources available there.

The new job board can be found on the Careers page on CHA's website as well as at Postings can stay on the board for up to 90 days.

Nick Osterholt, CHA editor of digital communications, says the revamped job board is less of a bulletin board and more of an interactive job board. He says CHA will use social media, email blasts and print advertisements to promote the job board.

In addition to posting individual openings, CHA members can set up profile pages with their logos and all their listings.

Hibner's hope is that the Career Center will become a clearinghouse for positions across the Catholic health ministry. The postings actually will have a reach well beyond the CHA website because the board will be part of the National Healthcare Career Network. That network shares postings across various job boards that feature health care openings.

"If you decided that your vocation is to work within the ministry, this would be the place to go to find an opening," Hibner says.

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