Breast Cancer Awareness (2022)

Recommended for October 1

Tender God, life-giving Spirit,
You compassionately hold the entire world in your hands.
In your mercy, hear the prayers of your people:
Keep guard over the sick and suffering and in a special way over those who suffer with breast cancer;
grant them patience, hope, and peace, we pray:

Merciful God, hear our prayer.

Give courage to those with fearful hearts,
especially those who feel isolated because of their illness;
nourish and sustain them, we pray:

Merciful God, hear our prayer.

Strengthen those who give their energy and skill to healing the sick: doctors and nurses, surgeons and specialists, and all who seek new ways of relieving suffering, we pray:

Merciful God, hear our prayer.

Bless all those who devote themselves to scientific research for the benefit of the human family, especially those who dedicate their efforts to cancer research, we pray:

Merciful God, hear our prayer.

O God,
our life, our health, our salvation,
look with mercy on your people.
Stir up in us a saving faith,
that believing, we may be healed,
and being healed, we may worthily give you thanks. Blessed are you both now and forever.

Sister Kathleen Cannon1

  1. Associate Dean, College of Science

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