As We Gather

Creator and Source of All Being,
We give you thanks for the beauty of this day,
For the gift of this world,
And for the gift of each other.

We especially give you thanks for the gift of our vocation to Catholic health care.
We thank you for the ways in which you become present to us in our service of the sick and the suffering, the poor, and the outcast.
As we gather here at this meeting, we ask you to be with us as we continue to reflect on this unique vocation and seek to live it more fully in the world.
Open our eyes — that we may see what you wish us to see.
Open our ears — that in our dialogue we may hear what you want us to hear.
And, open our hearts—that we may feel as you feel toward those in greatest need of our services.

Bless all that we do here in our gathering; may it be a holy work done in your name.
We ask this in the name of Jesus and in the power of the Spirit.

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