A Reflection for the Feast of Saint Francis 2020

In a year where we have been clearly reminded of our interconnectedness and our responsibilities to one another, we cannot forget our interconnectedness and responsibility to creation – God's good gift to us. Our care for the Earth is expressed largely in small things, commitments to change that may go unnoticed. And yet, Pope Francis reminds us, "There is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions."

Just as we each make our small offering to wear masks and maintain distance to care for others in this pandemic, we show our care for creation as we limit single use plastics, reduce water consumption, recycle diligently, plant trees, and walk gracefully on the land on which we live. The land which does not let us down.

When we pay attention,

the Earth will teach us to understand harmony and balance, give and take.

When we pay attention,

we will be inspired again by the audacious hope of all green things.

When we pay attention,

we will understand God's steadiness, constancy in change and the mysteries of becoming.

When we pay attention,

we will marvel at God's unseen order – the interconnection of all living things.

When we pay attention,

we will know others to be our brothers and sisters, children of one common home.

Let us pay attention to the earth and pray.

God of all Creation, through your goodness you have given us the Earth as our home. We are grateful for all the wonders of the world which so clearly proclaim your glory. Teach us how to pay attention that we might learn from the natural world. Teach us how to care for each other as we care for creation. We ask these things through the intercession of Francis of Assisi and in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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