A Prayer Welcoming Pope Francis to the United States

"In order to be "imitators of Christ" ( cf. 1 Cor 1 1 : l) in the face of a poor or sick person, we must not be afraid to look him in the eye and to draw near with tenderness and compassion, and to touch him and embrace him."

Loving God,
Your blessings extend throughout the world and to all peoples,
You have shown us the ultimate example of love and service in your Son Jesus.
As we prepare to welcome your servant Pope Francis to the United States,
we pray for protection and safety in his travels.
Walk with him as he proclaims the Good News
to the people of our country and to the world.
May our ears be open to the message he brings and our hearts inspired by his example
so that our nation and our world may be transformed.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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