A Prayer for After Violence

Let us pause in prayer for all those impacted by the recent act of violence and for the courage to be peacemakers who work for justice to promote peace, inspire unity, and embody God’s love for one another in our communities:

God of justice and mercy,
We call upon you:
One who stands guards over hearts and minds,
One who weeps with those broken in spirit,
One whose mighty love casts out all fear,
One who oppresses acts of violence,
One in whom all peace is established and made complete.

Comfort, come near, Great God of Peace, and dwell,
Intervene, act swiftly and abolish evil, Lord of heaven and earth.
Flood this watching world with your eternal light
And let your holy presence and righteous power for good be evident to all.
Be a gracious balm for those who offer care,
Those who selflessly carry the burden of others dis-ease.
Empower us to be light bearers in ordinary moments of grace,
Teach us to love and tend to the needs of our neighbors,
And deepen our impulse to pray for your unity at work among us.

May your love reign and rule in our schools and communities, O Lord,
May your love reign and rule.


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