CHA stands ready to work with President-elect Trump

Statement by Sister Carol Keehan, DC, President & CEO, Catholic Health Association

(November 10, 2016)  The Catholic Health Association of the United States extends its congratulations to president-elect Donald Trump. As citizens and people of faith, we have a responsibility to work together to make his term a success for the country we love so much. We also have a responsibility to pray for him and his administration.

As citizens and caregivers with a privileged role in protecting and restoring the health of our country, we have a responsibility to share with him and the members of his administration our insights on our health care delivery system. 

Our current president and even ardent supporters of the Affordable Care Act have said that it can and must be improved, but it is an undeniable fact that for millions it remains the first time they have had health insurance and health care access. Because health care is so critical to the well-being of individuals and the country, we must exercise great care in making changes. We have missed the opportunity to make the ACA work as optimally as possible for our country because it unfortunately was one of the most politicized programs in our history. This election has confirmed that we must get beyond this pattern and begin focusing on the people's business.

We at CHA commit ourselves to working with all people of goodwill in this new administration to make health care delivery worthy of the dignity of all the people of our country. We must not allow their health care to continue to be politicized. Too much is at stake. We can and should proceed with caution and concern as we deal with this important issue.


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