Membership and Dues

Membership in CHA is limited to entities that promote, embrace, and foster the mission, purposes, and values of CHA, including the principles of Catholic social and moral teaching. Member benefits extend to employees of member organizations. Sponsors of member organizations are also eligible for representative membership in CHA. Individuals are not eligible for membership in CHA.

CHA's bylaws detail the criteria an entity must meet to qualify as a CHA member under one of CHA's membership categories.

Entities that provide health care services, such as health systems or freestanding health facilities, may be eligible to apply for representative, joint, or international membership in CHA.

Entities that do not provide health care services but have a strong connection to health care (such as Catholic colleges and universities and state or international Catholic health associations) may be able to apply for Catholic ministry partner or international membership in CHA.

In general, an entity must be able to demonstrate that it is approved as Catholic by the applicable diocesan bishop – that is, the bishop having ecclesiastical authority over the entity – to be considered for membership in CHA.

Annual membership dues vary by membership category and are set by the CHA board of trustees pursuant to dues resolutions approved by the representative membership. Representative members (other than sponsors) are assessed dues based on the prior year's operating expenses using a rate that is determined annually by the CHA board.

If you would like more information on the benefits of membership in CHA or to request an application for membership, please contact Madeline Hantak.

Completed applications for membership must be approved by the CHA board of trustees following review by (and upon the recommendation of) the board's governance committee.