Legal Issues- Politics- Dos and Don'ts

In the political arena, tax-exempt organizations are prohibited from participating in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.

The following activities are not permitted:

  • The health care organization endorsing a candidate
  • Announcing the organization’s opposition to a candidate
  • Holding a fund-raiser or another event that supports a candidacy on the grounds of the organization
  • Using funds from the organization to support a candidate or contributing to a political action committee (PAC)
  • Asking others, in the name of facility, to support a candidate or contribute to a campaign

The following activities are permitted:

  • Holding "meet the candidate" events, as long as all candidates are given similar opportunities to express their views
  • Sponsoring voter registration drives, including registration in the facility
  • Individuals supporting or opposing candidates as long as they clearly indicate they are not representing the health care organization, and do not take actions that imply otherwise
  • Contributing personal funds to a campaign or PAC as long as there is no pressure from the health care organization to contribute, and it is clear that the contributions are personal, and not on behalf of the organization