November-December 2004
Volume 85, Number 6

Catholic health care has committed itself to creating a "Culture of Safety"

Our ministry is the sacramental presence of the healing touch of Jesus in today's world

The Gospel context of Catholic health care should ease the disclosure of medical errors

The best protection against error remains the physician's traditional sense of professional responsibility

St. Marguerite d'Youville Pavilion launched its safety initiative in 2003

Between November 2003 and January 2004, the association surveyed its members on the reporting and management of medical errors.

An initiative at a St. Louis-based system reduces the danger of medication errors.

The leaders of St. Joseph Health System discuss their efforts to prepare to become a public juridic person.

St. Joseph Health System's recently retired chief executive reflects on its mission and history.

In response to a survey, mission leaders in Catholic organizations suggest a variety of methods and tactics.

Ascension Health has developed its own approach to fostering spirituality in day-to-day work.

Leaders at Bon Secours Health System describe their efforts to promote diversity.

Is there a Catholic ritual that chaplains can perform to relieve grieving parents?

In Portland, OR, a catholic-sponsored PACE site provides community-based health care services.