November-December 2001
Volume 82, Number 6

The United States needs a social insurance program that, combined with private insurance, will put a financial floor under long-term care.

Larry Minnix, the organization's new CEO, talks about the opportunities and challenges facing long-term care today.

Our society needs a continuum of health care service based on the principles of prevention and patient-physician partnering.

The steadily growing Catholic health ministry in Memphis is anchored by a long-term care facility.

Teresian House, an Albany, NY, facility, takes a team-based approach to the care of the elderly.

The leaders of a Cincinnati long-term care organization tell how they eliminated the need to hire temporary staff.

Facilities that adopt the "employer of choice" strategy will find they have an advantage over their competitors.

How should Catholic health care respond to the Institute of Medicine's now-famous 2000 report?

Three authors trace the development of the Ethical and Reliigious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services

Several clinical factors determine the efficacy of artivicial nutrition and hydration.

The Catholic Tradition offers guidance for the treatment of patients in a persistent vegetative state.

Identifying such lacunae can reveal oppportunities for improving patient care enhancing revenues.