May-June 2008
Volume 89, Number 3

Catholic Health Care Providers Must Refashion Their Identity as Actors and Advocates in the World.

Catholic Health Care Must Continue the Tradition of Jesus' Ministry of Healing and Caring.

What Does It Mean to the Future of Catholic Health Care?

A Sponsor Reveals How Her Institute Brings the Healing Mission of Jesus to People in Need.

How Can Catholic Health Ministries Close the Gap Between Business and Mission?

Sisters of Charity Health System Uses 'Balanced Scorecard' to Measure Operations.

Senior Service Providers in Illinois and Indiana Work Together to Ensure Mission Drives Business Decisions.

Employees at Springfield (Ill.) Hospital Encouraged to be a 'Healing Presence' for Patients

Four Methodologies to Make This Real and Lasting.

The Catholic Health Association of Ontario Initiates a Successful Revitalization Process.

How Caregivers Contribute to Atmospheres of Hope.

Providence ElderPlace in Portland, Ore., Develops Unique Approach for Enrolled Participants.

How many of us can't wait to turn 86 and live in a nursing home?

A Response to Dr. Hardt and Fr. O'Rourke.

The papal allocution of 2004 regarding tube feeding does not contradict the teaching of Pope Pius XII, but rather compliments it by closing a loop that completes a doctrine about the dignity of human life and appropriate medical treatment.