May-June 2004
Volume 85, Number 3

Five ethicists and five executives discuss some of the more difficult ethical issues facing Catholic health care today.

Genetic science sometimes sounds like science fiction. Still, a genomics that promotes human flourishing can extend Jesus' mission.

At Trinity Health, ethics committee members are beginning to hold themselves responsible for measurable results.

How can hospitals and physicians balance allocation of scarce resources, on one hand, with their duty to serve the poor, on the other?

By acting as advocates for health care reform, our ministry can also help reinvigorate democracy in the United States.

Health Progress begins a series of interviews with ministry leaders who have undertaken significant roles in fostering ethnic and racial diversity.

Canada's counterpart to CHA convenes a nationwide dialogue concerning the future of the ministry in that country.

"Culture change" helps two long-term care centers in New York align practice with their sponsor's values.