March-April 2007
Volume 88, Number 2

Celebrating a Life of Prayer, Study, and Constant Striving to Be Open to the Spirit of Truth.

Frs. O'Rourke and Ashley Have Called for a "Re-Personalization" of Health Care.

Fr. O'Rourke Helped Retrieve a Vital Ethical Method in Catholic Theology.

What Is Health Care Ethics's Connection to an Understanding of the Catholic Church?

His Contributions Are Both Foundational and Practical.

Fr. O'Rourke Has Made Wide-Ranging Contributions to Thinking on the Topic.

A Younger Ethicist Reflects on Fr. O'Rourke's Contribution to Catholic Health Care Ethics.

Physicians, Nurses, and Others Also Have Important Contributions to Make.

Ethics Has a Vital Role in Fostering Collaboration in Health Care.