March-April 2006
Volume 87, Number 2

After their approximately 25 years in existence, it can safely be said of health care ethics committees (HECs) that they have a mixed track record.

A New Study Assesses Their Role, Impact, and Future in CHA-Member Hospitals

St. Joseph Health System Has Integrated Performance-Improvement Features into Its Ethics Work

A Systems Perspective Can Provide an Antidote to the"Silo" Problem in Clinical Ethics Consultations

Providence Health's Oregon Region Has Created an Ethics Consult Service

Sisters of Mercy Health System Has Developed an Approach for Assisting in the Integration of Ethics and Operations

A Bon Secours Sister Witnesses Rebuilding and Healing in Tsunami-Ravaged Indonesia

Sixth in a Series on Canon Law

The Fifth Pair of Articles in a Series about the Signi´Čücance of Genetic Science for Catholic Health Care

Hospitals Must Bring Physicians Back into the Mission of Medicine