January-February 2007
Volume 88, Number 1

Catholic Health Care May Need a Ministry-Wide Formation Program.

Public Juridic Persons Have Now Developed and Tested a Program for the" Next Generation."

The "Sponsorship Pilot" Helps People Decide Whether They Should Join the Ministry.

A Large System with Multiple Sponsors Takes Steps to Ensure That Its Mission is Perpetuated.

No. But, in a sense, this is advantageous.

The Denver-Based System Was the First to Involve Laypeople in Sponsorship.

On March 17, 1999, SSM Health Care, St. Louis, held its first Diversity Forum, a meeting that brought together a group of diverse employees from throughout the St. Louis region to discuss the diversity issues facing the organization.

A Writer Suggests an Exercise that Readers Can use to probe Their Own Attitudes.

Mission Is a Natural Link between Faith-Based Facilities and Parish Nurse Programs.

Health Care Still Lags Behind When It Comes to Managing Pain in Geriatric Patients.