January-February 2001
Volume 82, Number 1

Prophets — Lest We Forget — Are Often Unpopular in Their Own Communities

Five CHA-member organizations report on special projects to provide health care to people who hav come here from Vietnam, Kosovo, Bosnia, Somalia, and other troubled countries.

To design an acceptable protocol for organ transplant surgery, hospitals must first take care to identify the major ethical issues.

In designing organ donation protocols, the opinions of physicians, other caregivers, and the public at large shoul be taken into consideration.

The authors look again at certain questions concerning strategic planning that were raised in a 1998 health Progress article.

Five fundamental insights can help boards of trustees as they chart the contetual frameworkand environmental realities of health care in a new era.

The ministry continues its effort to identify and measure the ways Catholic health care organizations are living out their Catholic identity.

In St. Louis, a provider of rehabilitation services recruited a sales force that can build the necessary relationships with areas physicians.

A Catholic hospital discovered that making a more rational use of surgical instruments could help it remain competitive.

Partnerships between Catholic Charities and Catholic Healthcare Organization