January-February 1992
Volume 73, Number 1

To achieve meaningful healthcare reform, the United States needs a renewed sense of community.

Anticipation of the possibility for transformation is a critical starting point for healthcare reform in the United States.

The new RBRVS payment system imposes tighter limits on the amount physicians may charge for services.

A home health agency in northwest California offers free, in-home peer counseling to area residents over age 60.

Not-for-profit facilities should heed questions on community benefit raised in proposals to revise tax-exemption standards.

Careful examination of the community benefit concept makes more sense than radical changes in tax-exemption laws.

The tax battle is really about whether hospitals are still the repositories of values our society likes to think it holds.

The IRS reconsiders hospital-physician relationships at tax-exempt facilities.

Hospitals must prepare to comply with new accounting rules.