Prayer Service - Growing in the Mercy of God

November-December 2018



LEADER: As ministers in a health care setting, we are called to be attentive to the people of God at all levels of the system — from the patient room to the boardroom. Take a moment now to call to mind one individual who has stood out to you this week: perhaps they stand out because of their need for healing, or perhaps they stand out because of your own need for courage or compassion in your work with them. Hold an image of this individual in your mind's eye as we pray:

ALL: God of creation, we see your face in this recent encounter, and we are humbled at the opportunity to serve you through serving others. Walk with us, Lord, as we strive to imitate your mercy, compassion and empathy.


(From Pope Francis' Jubilee audience, St. Peter's Square: Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016)

"When we receive good news, or when we experience beautiful moments, we naturally seek to share them with others. We feel inside that we cannot hold back the joy that we have been given; and we want to spread it. The joy that stirs within is such that it drives us to share it.

"The mercy that we receive from the Father is not given as a private consolation, but makes us instruments that others too might receive the same gift. There is a wonderful interplay between mercy and mission. Experiencing mercy renders us missionaries of mercy, and to be missionaries allows us to grow ever more in the mercy of God. Therefore, let us […] commit to live as believers, because only then can the Gospel touch a person's heart and open it to receive the grace of love, to receive this great, all-welcoming mercy of God."


As you consider Pope Francis's reminder of our call to mercy, what does your encounter with this person bring up for you?

How have you chosen to share with others "the joy that stirs within?"

In what ways could you serve more intentionally as a "missionary of mercy?"


LEADER: Bearing in mind our commitment to experiencing mercy, and to "growing ever more in the mercy of God," offer a prayer silently now for the individual you have been picturing.

Pause for silent prayer

Spirit of Wisdom, as servants in Catholic health care ministry, help us to witness your mercy daily, not only in our joyful interactions, but in our most difficult ones too. May we work to intentionally be the face of compassion to each person we encounter, that all may come to know the grace of your all-welcoming love.

We pray to the Lord.

RESPONSE: Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

"Prayer Service," a regular department in Health Progress, may be copied without prior permission.


"Prayer Service," a regular department in Health Progress, may be copied without prior permission.

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