CHA posts FY2010 financial results

February 1, 2011

CHA has reported its financial information for the 2010 fiscal year to the Internal Revenue Service and has posted the report and related analysis on the CHA website.

According to the analysis by CHA leaders, the association is in strong financial health. CHA was able to support $2.2 million in operational costs, which represents 11 percent of total costs, during fiscal year 2010 by using income and gains from its long-term investments. The analysis further says that CHA was able to use fewer such investments than it had planned to use since it was able to save costs and since it received greater-than-expected dues revenue.

As of June 30, 2010, the association held long-term investments of $22.2 million, the leaders' analysis said. They noted that this is sufficient funding to cover more than one year of budgeted expenses.

CHA, which is a not-for-profit organization, reports its financials to the IRS annually using the Form 990. It also undergoes an annual audit by independent consultants. A copy of CHA's filing and related documents are available online.


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