CHA and UCLA launch innovation challenge

March 1, 2015

CHA is joining with the Global Lab for Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, and its partner, the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation, to conduct a population health innovation challenge among CHA member organizations.

The challenge will collect and profile high-value innovations that can help CHA members and other health care organizations accelerate the transformation of health care.


Dr. Molly Coye, who heads the Global Lab, said, "We know that many Catholic health care organizations are leaders in innovation, and we're eager to learn about the successes they've had." Coye, UCLA's chief innovation officer, is the former chief executive of HealthTech, a technology forecasting organization supported by many CHA member systems.

Innovations can be submitted beginning March 2 and continuing until April 20, 2015. A committee of innovation leaders from CHA member organizations and the Global Lab for Health and UCLA faculty will review the submissions and select examples of the most high-impact innovations to profile during a general session at the Catholic Health Assembly, June 7-9, in Washington, D.C. CHA member representatives on the selection committee are: David J. Fine, president, CHI Institute for Research and Innovation; Scott Lambert, vice president, Innovations Accelerator Team, Ascension Health; Anna Marie Butrie, vice president, innovation, Trinity Health; and Page West, senior vice president/chief nursing officer, Dignity Health. Coye will present the selected innovations at the assembly session.

CHA and the Global Lab are seeking innovations that are:

  • novel and not commonly adopted yet.
  • tested, with results that demonstrate impact.
  • important, solving a problem or creating an opportunity that is valuable to the organizations and to patients.
  • practical and able to be implemented and achieve results within two years.
  • scalable and replicable by many other health care organizations.

All innovations submitted by CHA members will be available for viewing on the Global Lab website.

Service innovations developed by CHA member organizations, or commercial products and technologies adopted by a member organization are welcome. In their submissions, members are encouraged to describe services they developed using a technology, rather than simply listing the technology itself.

"Even in large organizations with innovation officers and centers, we find it difficult to get the word out about all the new approaches and successful initiatives under way," Ascension's Lambert said. "The Global Lab innovation challenge is a promising new means of spreading innovations, especially because it is open and collects CHA members' experiences as it is spread."

For more information on the challenge and to submit an innovation, visit the Global Lab website at



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