Mercy Health, RIP Medical Debt partner to relieve patient debt

December 1, 2023

Mercy Health and RIP Medical Debt have partnered on an effort to help alleviate more than $7 million in medical debt for nearly 5,000 patients in northwest Ohio.

RIP is a national nonprofit that uses government allocations and donated funds to purchase people’s medical debt.

Mercy Health patients whose income is four times or more below the federal poverty level or whose debt is 5% or more of their annual income qualified for the debt abolishment. RIP took ownership of qualified patients’ past due accounts and is abolishing their debts. Recipients will have no tax liability for the canceled debt. Relief is only available to those accounts that qualify; other patients cannot request it.

The debt abolishment was funded by the Toledo, Ohio, City Council and the Lucas County, Ohio, Commissioners. They allocated funds to RIP Medical Debt specifically to purchase such debt from hospitals, health systems, and collection agencies at a discounted rate.

Bob Baxter, president, Mercy Health — Toledo, said, "With the support of our local elected officials, our patients are relieved of the financial and emotional burden related to debt and Mercy Health is able to recover a portion of that debt to ensure that we can continue to provide our community with high-quality, compassionate care."

Mercy is part of Cincinnati-based Bon Secours Mercy Health.


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