Chelsea Hospital to invest $10M to expand inpatient rehabilitation

December 1, 2023

Chelsea Hospital in Chelsea, Michigan, has approved a $10 million capital investment to expand the hospital's adult inpatient rehabilitation unit.

Under the plan, Chelsea Hospital's joint venture partner, University of Michigan Health, will consolidate its adult acute rehabilitation services into one location inside Chelsea Hospital. U-M Health providers will staff the unit. The new rehab unit is expected to open in summer 2024.

Chelsea Hospital President Ben Miles said consolidating and expanding rehabilitation services "will allow us to offer a more unified, less fragmented approach to providing compassionate, high-quality care."

The expansion will build upon work begun in 2020, when Chelsea Hospital grew its inpatient rehabilitation unit from six to 24 beds. The new expansion will add 16 more beds. The unit treats patients recovering from stroke, brain injury, neurological disease or illness and issues involving orthopedics or trauma. Spinal cord injury and cancer programs also will move from U-M Health to Chelsea Hospital.

Chelsea Hospital is a joint venture of Trinity Health Michigan and U-M Health.

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