2015 World Water Day

Recommended for March 22

"The voice of the Lord is upon the waters." (Psalm 29)

World Water Day 2015World Water Day is marked on March 22 every year as a day to celebrate water and to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. It's a day to think about the future and to ask God to help us protect this precious resource for future generations.

Lord, God, we ask your blessing.
Water is essential to health.
May we keep it pure and accessible for all.
Water is nature, ecosystems, the global water cycle.
May we strive to minimize climate change.
Water is urbanization.
May we build sustainable cities.
Water is industry.
May we reduce the use of water in manufacturing.
Water is energy.
May we expand renewable sources of energy that do not deplete water.
Water is food.
May we reduce agricultural demands on freshwater resources.
Water is equality, dignity and justice.
May we find ways to make clean water available for all people.

"Water is a universal common good, a common good of the entire human family. Its benefits are meant for all and not only for those who live in countries where water is abundant, well managed and well distributed. This natural resource must be equitably at the disposal of the entire human family."

  • A contribution of the Holy See to the Fourth World Water Forum, 2006

Almighty God, you have made us fellow workers in your creation. We praise you and thank you for this precious gift of the earth teeming with life. Give us prudence, reverence and unselfishness that no one will suffer from our abuse of nature. Help us to find new ways to sustain the ecosystems that support all humankind. May future generations enjoy this world of your creation with all the joy and fulfillment that you intend. Amen.

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