2013 World Water Day

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(Posted July 2013)

Water is a universal common good, a common good of the entire human family. Its benefits are meant for all and not only for those who live in countries where water is abundant, well managed and well distributed. This natural resource must be equitably at the disposal of the entire human family.

— A contribution of the Holy See to the Fourth World Water Forum, 2006

Today we reflect on the use and misuse of water in our lives.

Water is one of the fundamental needs of humankind.  We use this gift from God for nourishing our bodies, producing our food, staying clean and creating energy.  Yet, millions of people around the world face a daily, and sometimes dangerous, struggle to access water. 

The church calls us, as stewards of creation, to protect our neighbors and environment by helping to assure sources of healthy water for all our brothers and sisters. 

Take a moment to reflect on the following questions: 

  • Do I consciously consider my use of water in my daily activities?
  • Am I wasteful?
  • Are there ways I can limit my use of water?
  • Do I frequently thank God for the blessing of access to clean water?
  • Do I ask for God's help in aiding those persons who are not as fortunate?
  • Are there ways I can volunteer my time or give my resources to help find a solution?

Prayer: O God, who created the Earth and all that is in it, we thank you for the abundant blessing of water and its availability in our lives.

You created water to be a source of life for your people. However, our community struggles with ensuring access of this gift to all of your people. Help us to be better stewards of your creation by being more aware of our misuse of water. Help us to advocate for public policies and private actions that make water more accessible to all of our global family. Amen.

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