Women's Equality Day

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A Prayer for Women

Spirit of all Wisdom —

As the sun breaks the bounds of the horizon, we celebrate the limitations broken by women in our world and pray for their continued empowerment.

From work in humanities to hours spent researching in labs, we honor the gifts of women throughout this world. May they continue to see wisdom and knowledge that comes from you; may they work with you to discover the best path for their own lives.

May all continue to work for equal pay and health care for women. Continue to transform our hearts that women may be looked to as beacons of strength and courage.

Bless the ones who are mothers and those who mother. Heal the hearts of the ones who hurt from not yet being a mom. Bless all women — older and younger and middle age. May we as a world create roads for their sacred paths, that all women may live into their calling.

The possibilities of their work are endless, God of Love. Open the eyes of our hearts so that your light can be seen beaming from them.


- Adapted from a prayer by Rev. Michelle L. Torigian

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