Remembering Victims of Natural Disaster

"Surely one does not turn against the needy, when in disaster they cry for help."
- Job 30:24

Good and Gracious God, we come to you to pray for hurricane victims. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow for their losses of life, shelter, employment and hope. Quiet our minds and voices so that we may be able to hear, speak and do your will, but only after we have lifted these victims up in prayer.

Reading 1:
"If disaster comes upon us, the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this house, and before you, for your name is in this house, and cry to you in our distress, and you will hear and save." 2 Chronicles 20:9

Reading 2:
"Almighty God, we recognize how small we are, and how powerless in the face of nature when its full power is unleashed. Therefore, open our hearts in prayer and our hands in generosity, so that our words may bring comfort and our gifts bring aid. Be with us now and with all humanity as we strive to mend what has been injured and rebuild what has been destroyed."

- Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi, British Commonwealth


For those who must be evacuated and relocated.

Let us cry for help.

For those who are already vulnerable, who are usually the most affected by any disaster.

Let us cry for help.

For those thirsting for drink, hungering for food, seeking shelter and in need of medical care.

Let us cry for help.

For those relying on governments and relief agencies to provide assistance and ensure their basic rights.

Let us cry for help.

We turn to You, Lord, and cry for those in the midst of this disaster. We ask all this in Your Name.


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