Prayer for Caregivers

Merciful Lord, hear our prayer today for our caregivers whom you have called to be the hands and the feet of Jesus to those in need.
May our patients feel respect, not just by caregivers who are good listeners,
But by those who seek true understanding.  Our patients have something valuable to contribute to us as well.
May our patients feel our care, just as St. Francis ministered to the sick with a caring smile and Christ's love in his heart.
May we serve our patients with competence, for each of us has a unique inventory of God-given abilities to share.
And may our caregivers bring joy to the lives of those in their care, for "a joyful heart does good like a medicine".  
We ask you Lord-Our Great Physician-that you would do your work through us.  Amen.

Debbie Schum HSHS St. Francis Hospital

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