2016 Earth Day Prayer Service - For the Good of the Earth

Recommended for April 22

Earth Day Prayer 2016 For the GoodLeader:
For the good earth which God has given us, 
And for the wisdom and will to conserve it, we pray.

That we seek to know and understand the earth,
Not to have power over it, but to love it unceasingly.
That, in order to love the earth more generously,
We come to know her more intimately.

Lord, help us to pay attention,
To be receptive to the multitude of your works – 
Each organism, a creature of God;
Each element of creation good and admirable in itself –
The harmonious ensemble of organisms
Existing in a defined space and functioning as a system.

Help us to awaken the ability to see and feel
The magnificence of creation and our part in it,
Lest we end up destroying both ourselves
And the created order to which we belong.

We pray that reasonable persons of good will,
From every race, religion and culture,
Will be able to see more clearly
That the balance of nature is fragile.

May we join in good will,
In gratitude for our common humanity,
To care for this earth
And to help make the joy of the Gospel more visible.

May our children, and our children's children,
And all generations live in peace and harmony

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