Bless and Refresh

A blessing before our meal. . .

Blessed are you, God of all creation, whose very life permeates our world, and whose goodness fills our hearts with joy.

Blessed are you, who have brought us together as friends and colleagues.

Be present to us; continue to work in us the wonder of your grace, forming us as your people committed to justice and mercy, healing and compassion, in a world burdened by violence, injustice, and indifference.

Pour forth your blessing on us, renew and refresh us for our mission, making us effective leaders and wise stewards of your bountiful gifts.

Bless this food we are about to share, a sign of your goodness to us, bless those who prepared it, and who serve it, and keep us ever mindful of those who go hungry this night.

May our meal and this time nourish our bodies and strengthen the bonds that unite us in love and faithful service.

We ask this through Christ Jesus, Amen.

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