A Prayer to Start the Day


Today God remind us of the value of time ... time spent with you, time spent with our families and friends, time that offers us life and meaning.

Our lives and our circumstances can quickly change so help us today, to honor each moment. Allow us to understand the importance of not wasting a single opportunity to be kind, to offer help, to engage in conversation, to listen and seek to understand, to share our own feelings, hopes and dreams with our friends and in turn listen to what is important to them. Help us to accept goodness from others ... and offer it in return. Help us to appreciate the meaning of being in relationship with those around us.

Help us to say the things that are important, to express our thoughts that should not wait until tomorrow, and to allow ourselves the freedom to be open, available to all we meet today.

Remind us of the importance of learning from our yesterdays and using the energy that hope and new understandings bring for tomorrow.

Our moments pass before us so quickly, so once again God we ask: Remind us of the value of time spent with you and with those around us. Help us to honor our moments of this life.



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