A Prayer in Solidarity with Victims of Violence

We Pray …

Amid despair, we stand in love and in justice

for those who could not stand for themselves.

As we pause to remember those who have lost their lives to violence, victims of every manner of abuse, we are remembering those who were promised a land of milk and honey, but who died along the way—never having seen the Promised Land.

As we pause to remember the communities who are left to mourn, may our mourning join with theirs; and may you comfort us, Oh God.

In ways only You know, facilitate in us a spirit of love, mercy, healing and justice so that one day we might live in a land not consumed by violence and hatred; that one day we might live in love and neighborliness and that peace might begin with us.

In your mercy, Oh God, hear our prayer.


©The Catholic Health Association of the United States

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