A Prayer for the Nigerian Schoolgirls

O God of mercy and compassion, we come before you to pray for the safe return of the Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped from their school, separated from their families, and may be sold into slavery and forced marriage. We pray for their safety, swift rescue and return to their homes.

We join our prayers with those of their grieving parents and families. Comfort them in their distress and hear our prayers for their beloved daughters.

We pray that the Nigerian government, with the assistance and support of the international community, will make every effort to rescue the kidnapped schoolgirls and reunite them with their families. We also pray that all nations will affirm the right of girls everywhere to pursue an education, and will protect them and their schools from violent and unwarranted attacks.

O God, look with compassion on the Nigerian schoolgirls and all victims of human trafficking and child exploitation. We pray for an end to their captivity, for the safety and well-being of children everywhere, and the success of efforts throughout the world to end the sin of human trafficking. Amen.

- Prayer courtesy of the U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking (USCSAHT)

The abduction of over 230 Nigerian schoolgirls calls us to prayer and action on their behalf. The U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking has provided a prayer and other information to help support the children's safe return.

USCSAHT invites you to sign the petition asking Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to rescue the kidnapped schoolgirls from slavery and forced child marriage: http://www.walkfree.org/nigerian-schoolgirls/. Please share this information with your congregations, co-workers, friends and family members and invite them to pray and take action.

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