A Prayer for the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19

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Foster Father of Jesus
Patron of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet
March 19

Within the Christian tradition, the feast of St. Joseph is celebrated today. St. Joseph's life was that of an ordinary workman, yet his ability to see and communicate the presence of God made him extraordinary. Although Sacred Scripture doesn't tell us a great deal about him, we know St. Joseph listened to God in his dreams, and he protected and cared for Jesus and Mary.

Today, let us ask St. Joseph to give our Sisters, and all who serve the healing ministry of Jesus at Lourdes, the courage to listen to our dreams and follow what we know to be right, so that we will continue to care for those who come to Lourdes for service in the spirit of Joseph.

Prayer to Joseph,
Who is Known by Many Titles

Faithful Joseph:
Teach us to listen and not be afraid to trust
as you did in God's promise.

Loving Joseph:
Teach us to love courageously with a heart
that is free and just.

Protector Joseph:
Teach us to protect one another and all
that belongs to God.

Dreamer Joseph:
Teach us to dream a world where all are neighbors;
a vision illuminated by God's light.

Teacher Joseph:
Teach us to keep the Word of God close to our hearts, and to proclaim it in word and action.

Gentle Joseph:
Teach us to be gentle with our power and
strong in our tenderness.

Parent Joseph:
Teach us to be for all persons a living lesson
of goodness and truth - a blessing for all
generations to come.


*Shared with permission by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet.

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